About Us - Vic Seekers

About Us - Vic Seekers

The Victorian Seekers Club

Vic Seekers is a family oriented organization located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The club objectives are to promote friendship, cooperation and exchange of ideas among people interested in gold prospecting and metal detecting.

To realize these aims, we have meetings, lectures, discussions and practical demonstrations to help members acquire the skills required to make prospecting and metal detecting an enjoyable and rewarding pastime. We arrange outings to the goldfields and other prospecting sites, beaches, camps, ghost towns etc, to search for gold, nuggets, coins, relics, gemstones and other natural and man made objects of value and / or of interest. In addition, we also have functions to foster social contacts among members.

Our conduct is governed by a strict code of ethics including avoiding trespassing on private property or damaging the natural environment, hence our motto:

Seek, but don't destroy!

Membership is open to adult persons and their minor children without regard to race, creed or political persuasion, who are interested in these pursuits and prepared to abide by our Constitution and Rules of Conduct. Vic Seekers is an Incorporated Association within Victoria, Australia ("The Victorian Seekers Club Incorporated - A0001477T").

VSC has general meetings on the first Wednesday of each month (except January) and a field trip each month.  We also have some occasional day outings, social outings such as film or theatre nights and other prospecting related activities.