Club Rules

The following rules are an extract from the Members' Handbook. An online version of the handbook is available here.

  1. All members must hold (and carry) a Miner's Right. (Purchase a Miner's Right online here.)
  2. All members are requested to comply with any direction given by a Committee member pursuant to Club activities.
  3. Members must comply with designated local Regulations and/or By-Laws.
  4. Members must respect and care for the environment at all times.
  5. On arrival at camp all members and guests must sign-in. Similarly, all must sign-out before departure. (Only once per camp; not every arrival/departure.)
  6. Members should make every effort to establish and maintain cordial relations with landowners, holders of mining tenements and local and State Authorities.
    • Members must comply with all directions given by any of the above.
    • Any disputes with any of the above must be referred to a Committee member as soon as possible.
  7. Before entering private property, members must check with the Research Officer to ensure permission to enter has been granted.
    • ascertain areas available for prospecting.
    • note any special conditions.
  8. When on private property:
    • leave gates as found.
    • take care not to damage fences.
    • take care not to disturb livestock.
    • do not leave litter (livestock may eat).
  9. Prospecting is only permitted during daylight hours.
  10. Prospecting in a Cemetery or Burial places, historic sites and on tracks, is prohibited
  11. Dogs may be permitted, as noted in Newsletter camp notifications, but must be kept on a leash at all times. This is a stipulation of club permits issued by Parks Victoria and Forest Service. Dogs may not be brought into National Parks, including in your car.  
  12. All fires are strictly controlled and must be lit in accordance with C.F.A, and/or Forestry regulations; and additional club policy. If in doubt, consult a Committee Member. 
  13. During a bushfire or other emergency, camps may be evacuated and/or cancelled. Members must be aware of the club's emergency procedures. In the event a Code Red Alert is declared, the camp must automatically be cancelled.  
  14. All domestic waste, rubbish and dog droppings are to be bagged and removed. Theymust not be buried. Chemical toilet waste must also be removed. 
  15. All detector holes to be filled-in and leveled. This is a requirement of the Miner's Right. 
    All detector rubbish to be disposed of, either by replacement in hole or disposed off in an approved receptacle.
  16. Generators at camp may only be operated between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. Solar power is encouraged. Similar consideration should be given to other noise. 
  17. Members must drive their vehicles with care within the campsite and its immediate vicinity.
  18. No firearms are to be displayed and/or used on Club outings.
  19. Do not contaminate any water supply.
  20. Member subscriptions are due 1st July annually. Members in arrears on 1st September will be delisted and be subject to (re-)joining fees.